We are researching Augmented Human (AH) technology to maintain and improve mind and body functions from the perspective of "Intelligent Space". The concept of Intelligent Space is a methodology to cooperatively operate distributed sensors and actuators scattered over the entire living space, including humans and robots. However, the technology of personally customized AH is still in the research and development stage. Based on Intelligent Space methods, we are aiming to realize this personal-adaptive AH by gathering users’ personal information which comprises of: -
         ・position / motion
         ・physiological and mental states
         ・physical characteristics / physical abilities / individual private information
         ・human relationships etc.
This can then be processed utilizing artificial intelligence.

    To put our research studies to practical use, we are also concentrating on wireless power transmission technology for mobile devices such as sensors and actuators. Using this we can automatically charge batteries of these mobile devices, which are the major components of AH systems.

Researching Groups

Smart Charging

Autonomous Robots

Enhancing Human

Sustaining Human

Installing wireless power
transfer to daily life
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  • Assisting daily life
    with advanced tech
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  • Augmenting human
    abilities using VR tech
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  • Mental & physical care
    by daily monitoring
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